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                  MANOR BLACK PIG
                  NOT AN ORDINARY BLACK PIG

                  Originated from Tibetan pigs at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, and cultivated?
                  with Sichuan black pigs for 12 years and 6 generations
                  Eventually bred into a high-quality black pig with strong meat aroma, tender and delicious - manor black pig

                  Defining rare manor with purity and flawlessness
                  Gaojin Manor is located at 105° east longitude and 30° north latitude. Away from chemical pollution areas, relying on pure mountain springs, pure natural and pollution-free, with the ultimate natural ecological conditions, it defines a new standard of "manor-level" pig raising.
                  Why Choose Manor Black Pig?

                  MANOR BLACK PIG
                  manor stocking
                  300 Days Slow Raisi-
                  ng of Coarse Grains
                  The mouth is fra-
                  grant and waxy
                  COMMON WHITE PIG
                  traditional captivity
                  140 Days Raising Pigs
                  Pork flavor is low
                  MANOR BLACK PIG

                  China black pig standard setter and publisher
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